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Advice : : attacking the list

Maxine Bertrand

One of the first and crucial parts on wedding planning is creating "The List". You're excited and want to share this precious moment with everyone you know. Then you realize that this just isn't possible based on many factors, such as: the reception site and budget. Now here comes the dreadful part, cutting down "The List". Here are few tips to keep your list realistic for your big day.

Create sub-lists

This is probably the first piece of advice I give my clients. I always tell them to consider at least 3 options being: Option A - Optional, Option B - Probable and Option C - Definite. This is a really useful way to eliminate those who just simply cannot be accommodated.

Pick and choose

Etiquette states that if you have a large amount of cousins, it's all or nothing! You just can't invite your favorite.

Children, yes or no?

Obviously, children in the wedding party must be invited, as well as brothers and sisters of the bride and groom. Otherwise, same rule as the cousins above applies , it's all or nothing.

Cutting down the list

To down-size the guest list I would suggest to begin with categories of people, such as former co-workers, acquaintances, casual or friends that you haven't been in touch with for many years. Distant cousins and children are usually the first to go.

Courtesy invite

One question that comes up quite often is "Should we invite people we are pretty sure won't come?" There is no other answer but no. The reason being is that you might end up surprised when they decide to come. It is discouraged to invite guests only to repay social or business obligations.

Hope this was helpful!

Enjoy your day lovelies! xoxo