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Advice : : tipping your vendors - part II

Maxine Bertrand

Last week I provided you with a list of vendors that you must consider tipping. This week we are going to talk about the optional vendors to tip. When I say optional, please note that this doesn't mean that they should be disregarded. You can most definitely thank  them in other ways.

{image of piggy bank here}

The below reflects optional tipping:

Business Owners: It is not necessary to tip the owner of a business, unless you feel that they have gone above and beyond and you want to give them a token of your appreciation.

Banquet or catering manager: These people do not need to be tipped unless they’ve thrown in extras or saved you a few hundred dollars on your bill. The tip would be between $50 and $100.

Chef: $100+

Photographer and Videographer: If you’re paying a flat fee with no overtime, $50 to $100. He/she can give a split to the assistant.

Officiant: Normally, you pay your fee and that is it. If you wish to make a financial contribution to the church, you can do that separately.

Florist: You don't need to tip the florist for making your arrangements but you can tip them an extra $5 per delivery location (3 locations=$15) or $10 to $20 per staff member in one lump sum, for set-up and delivery.

Wedding Cake Baker: You don't have to tip for the baking of the cake but if you are at your reception venue at time of delivery and set-up, $10 would be an appropriate tip.

Wedding Coordinator or Room Manager: This is the person managing the reception venues staff and facility the night of your wedding, $50 would be appropriate.

Wedding Coordinator - If this vendor owns the company, then the tip is optional. If they are an employee, $50.

Wedding Planner: 10 to 15 percent. This person has planned your wedding from start to finish!

Hotel chambermaids: $2 to $5 per room; $10 to $15 if you used a suite as your dressing room

In addition, vendors would definitely appreciate a thank you card. This is a great way to show your appreciation for the services they provide and it is a great referral for them book future clients.

I would love to hear if these advice posts are helpful!

Max xoxo