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Montreal, Quebec



Wedding Planner : : last minute deal

Maxine Bertrand

Good morning!I had the great pleasure of meeting with a wonderful couple on Friday, who decided at the last minute, that they required a wedding planner to help with the final stages of their wedding  preparations. They live in the Toronto area, however they are getting married here in Montreal at L'Auberge le Saint-Gabriel to be exact and I couldn't be more excited!

  1. I absolutely love that venue
  2. It's a holiday wedding
  3. They are so adorable and sweet

What is there not to get excited about?! What a way to close the 2012 wedding season with a bang!

Congratulations to Jenn + Alex!

p.s. it always makes my job that much better when I get compliments from my brides as seen on instagram today here! xoxo