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Montreal, Quebec



Colour me : : mint & gold

Maxine Bertrand

I know that holidays are right around the corner but perhaps it's the wonderful surprise Christmas present given to me last Saturday by JBW that I love so much. Is the suspense killing you yet?!?! OK I'll spill the beans! He is taking me to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and we leave this upcoming Saturday! EEEEEEK! I'm over the top excited and can't help but scream!

In order to celebrate this wonderful and best present EVER, I'm going with my favorite colour this year, MINT (yup you did in fact see it here) with a twist of gold. Sorry I absolutely love this colour and it just totally screams Jamaica with me.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

images via Pinterest

Are any of you going away for the holidays? I would love to hear all about it