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Montreal, Quebec



Colour Me : : stripe tease

Maxine Bertrand

It's Thursday and as usual another week is just flying by! I've been working on the final touches of the minor decor for JBW's grandma's 95th birthday, calling and emailing caterers and hotels for out-of-town guest for an upcoming wedding. To add to all of this craziness we get hit with a pretty huge snow storm right as spring slowly creeps in! OH EM GEE! Enough already! Oh I'm sorry... here I go digressing! I have to say that I may have a secret crush on stripes and can get pretty jealous of anyone that can sport them. They can be so cool yet so stylish, graceful and chic. A striped T is up there with the coolness, a beautiful ribbon wrapped around the utmost exquisite bouquet is graceful and a table set with a striped liner; there you have the chic. Alright I said it, I love stripes!

{image via pinterest}

Have a great day lovelies! xoxo