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Dress of the Week :: The Bow

Maxine Bertrand

Hello lovelies! 

Another week begins and we are heading into April. Where does time go? Wedding season has started, projects and more projects just keep piling up and life just flies by. But you know what? That just means that I'm doing something right otherwise I wouldn't have anything to talk about. 

Tons happening this week and I will be blogging about some makeup I tried for a photoshoot this week. I promised I would give you guys a rating on it on my instagram feed here.

Now, to get back to the subject of this post, here is the gorgeous gown of the week. Unfortunately I don't know who the designer is but you can find more beautiful pictures over here. I think for me the winning element was the big bow on the back! I'm just dying over it! 

{ Source }

Oh dear that bow... just sayin'! 

Happy Monday!