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Montreal, Quebec



Au Revoir 2014... Bonjour 2015

Maxine Bertrand

Hello y'all!!! 2014 I must say was absolutely amazing for me at a professional level. So many amazing things happened that helped my business grow and get closer to where I want to be. Shall we recap? 

January was the launch of the Mariage Chic Bridal Expo which meant was the launch of the 2014 Magazine. We {at the time we were called Reserve the Date Events... more to come on that} had the pleasure of being featured for a collaboration shoot that took place in October 2013, with an awesome team of vendors and this marvelous girl. Who knew that this shoot would make such an impression... You'll see what I mean as you continue to read on.

March was a huge milestone. I decided to rebrand {more on my rebranding here} and it proved to be the best thing I could ever do to make my company, well my baby,  the business that I wanted to project. Not only did we rebrand but we fully change our name to A Gorgeous Fête. Whew! Let me tell you that took some serious pondering and questioning before I could make the decision. I tell you though, I never felt so certain and positive about something aside from Jay of course. I wanted my future clients to come to my site and get a sense of calm and feel that they want their wedding day to be. I think we have nailed it! 


May was another big moment for AGF. We touched the world of floral arrangements for a special type of reception design. Fleur & Samuel have such an extensive travel itinerary because of Samuel's {who's actually from Montreal} job that I became their wedding reception stylist for their Montreal reception. Fleur contacted me from the UK after her Australian wedding, to style her reception for the Montreal guests that were unable to attend in Australia. It proved to be very challenging with the time difference and trying to get her vision from a distance. Surely somehow we came through; we made it happen. We created the reception she envisioned at Les Éclusiers par Apollo and I somehow pulled through on the florals which was unchartered territories for me. It ignited something in me regarding my business; I want to do more florals for my clients. More about these two over here. Oh and I got to work with a new photographer Marie-Michèle from Flower Girl Studio which proved to be such sweetheart and to be very talented so make sure to check out her work.

In June I received a phone call from Yasmin at Chateau Vaudreuil asking if I would be interested in designing a table for their yearly open house {like literally 2 weeks before!}. I was like "Heck Ya!". Although it proved to be challenging I enjoyed every minute and met such wonderful and accomplished planner/event designers. Everyone had their unique style however not one was better than the other. We chatted and complimented each other on our work. It just showed that we can all get along and we don't need to compete against one another because our clients chose us for a reason; we match their style.

As I sort of mentioned earlier in this post; doing the flowers for Fleur and Samuel's wedding sparked a little interest in floral designs; so I decided to attend the Floralia summer floral workshop. Oh my word I absolutely fell in love with working with flowers!!!  She really takes the time to explain how to trim them, balance the colors and different types of flowers, how to care for the bouquet afterwards, etc. Totally worth it guys so go check it out for yourself. It also sparked a new what I hope to be friendship with Autumn from Femme & Fleur. Autumn I promise we will get together, it’s part of my 2015 bucket list! She contacted me when I posted that I was attending the workshop on Facebook and asked me if I would mind sharing the details. I mean come on; really? I was more than pleased to share that information and couldn’t wait to meet her. We ended up working side by side and it created a compatibility between us. I would love to do something creative together as well as she's got some serious style and creativity.

Below is my first bouquet; not bad if I may say so myself! Haha!

July was very exciting for AGF as we were featured on the new blog Crazy in Love launched by two very cool girls Emilie Iggiotti and Charlotte Laurent from Ma vie en rose bonbon. I was absolutely thrilled and honored when Charlotte contacted me regarding Fleur & Samuel’s wedding. Charlotte was at the Bota Bota Spa right next door relaxing when she noticed that a wedding was going on at the venue next door. I’m a big fan of Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter so when she saw my Instagram post she immediately contacted me.  I mean what a funny coincidence! If you haven’t already seen it please head over to Crazy in Love and have a look for yourself as they chose different pictures than I did. 

And if that wasn’t exciting enough; Global TV also reached out to me to appear on their morning show to do a segment on DIY wedding ideas. Pah-lease pinch me someone! That was the most nerve-wracking thing I ever had to do. It was an approximately 6 minute segment that felt like 30 minutes! I must admit that once I started the host really made it comfortable and was good at what she does when leading you into the questions. Anyway what an experience! They did ask me to come up with some more ideas to present on the show so I guess they didn’t think I did too bad either. If you missed it you can catch it here

August brought on two weddings; one for a dear couple that is a little older in age but very sweet; Cheryl and Barry. They got married in a very intimate and short ceremony at the Hilton Garden in Ville-St-Laurent. Because Cheryl lived in Ontario she needed our help to have everything planned and coordinated on the day of. We came through and they were very pleased.

Then there was K + H at the end of August. What can I say about these two? They are flippin’ out of this world! They are so cool that the entire wedding from A to Z was a reflection of their personalities. From the funny ceremony, to the cool venue to the story of how they met; just flippin’ out of this world. I have yet to share their full wedding {coming up later this month} but I had a tremendous time with her wedding party as well as all vendors I got to work with including the oh so talented James Correia from James Correia Photography. Here is a little sneak peek. 

Then in September there was Jessica and Carlo. This cool couple was referred to me by the ever so sweet Autumn. They reached to me about 2 weeks prior to their wedding to setup and coordinate their big day at La Toundra at Parc Jean Drapeau. Their style was unique and so exquisite that it was easy to say yes. And not to mention they were probably the most organized of them all. Perhaps them being in the industry helped; they are the owners of Casa Bianca. I promise there is more to come on these two very soon.

Oh and did I mention that we appeared on Crazy in Love again for the Let it Shine shoot? 

October 29th, which just so happens to be my birthday; the gift of all gifts happened. We were featured on The Knot. Yes you heard me The Knot! When we got together for this shoot we had no clue it would become so popular and are we ever ecstatic that it did!

December brought us Valérie and Adrian's Christmas wedding. What a fun-loving couple. Every meeting brought on laughs, good food {perogies cooked in duck fat... YUM!} and great Caesars both made by the groom to be. I mean ladies don't we all need a cook in the house? Oh and their rehearsal was just a blast including a Christmas sweater worn by the one and only Adrian! They were ever so kind to include me at their rehearsal dinner which had the best food and even offered to send me off with a plate for JBW. They had a huge wedding party {one bridesmaid couldn't make it from being house quarantined due to the Influenza flu} that included one bridesmaid that had just fractured her foot and the couples precious little dog that carried the rings. I have not received all their photos yet but this sneak peek from Rémi St-Onge will give just enough to see how romantic it was. 

On a personal note I got to end the year with my favourite guy. Sorry for the not so great quality but I love this pic!

WOW! I had a lot more to write then I thought! 2014 was such a fabulous year for both my personal and business life. It proved to me to never let go of your dreams. 

Here is to 2015 proving that things can only get better! Oh and I've already got lots and lots filled out in my new Emily Ley Simplified Planner!

Happy New Year!

Love, Max xo