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Montreal, Quebec



K + H {AGF Wedding with James Paul Correia Photography}

Maxine Bertrand

This my friends is the stuff magic is made of. K & H were truly a dream come true in terms of believing that your soul mate is out there. 

I first met K & H back in January of 2014. They were in need of a coordinator for their wedding day as they wanted to ensure that they could enjoy it thoroughly and not have to worry about anything at all but having fun and spending time with their friends and family. I was immediately excited about working with them as right away the clicked. They were fun and always joking. It was just the right fit. 

As time moved on they got busier and busier in their personal and professional lives. She was starting her own business {across the country} and he was in the process of building his. This only meant that a move was coming and they would need more help. I was thrilled to do it! 

At one point during the ceremony H decided to explain how they came to their wedding day. It started 10 years ago when they weren't on their first and only date at that time. They went on their first date and that was that, K never heard from H again. He apparently got cold feet and just never called her back. Years went by and K moved back to her hometown and she continued on with her day to day life not knowing that H had moved there too and they were literally living a few blocks from each other. Seriously neither one knew the other was living nearby!!!

A few years later K moved back to Montreal and while shopping one day doesn't she run into H in a store he had been working at. He asked her to go on another date {don't worry she didn't make it that easy for him} and here we are, on their beautiful wedding day, 10 years later; that I had the privilege of being a part of. Thank you K + H

This last picture says it all

. . . . . . . . . .

Photography: James Paul Correia Photography / Coordination and Florals: A Gorgeous Fête  / Catering and Venue: Grumman '78 / Decor by the bride